Imagine a world where YOU have peace of mind, where you live without fear from your past or fear about your future.

  • Learn how to Overcome Fear

  • Gain the tools you need for success

  • Mend personal relationships for inner healing

  • Learn to be pro-active in all you want to achieve

  • Create significant breakthroughs in life

  • What are the Real issues you are facing?

  • Do you believe you can take action steps to elevate your current situation?

  • Are you confident you can implement what you learn?

  • What are ways you can accept what has happened to you

  • What is a vision board and create

  • Learn your personal Why

  • Identify when negative thoughts enter your mind

  • Learn how to elevate negative thoughts into positive thinking

  • Learn that your experiences do not define you

  • What triggers your negative emotions?

  • List positive accomplishments and experiences and how they impact your positive emotions

  • Learn how physical activity increases endorphins and elevates your feelings

  • How subliminal messaging can work for you

  • Learn positive affirmations

  • Your language dictates your future accomplishments

  • What action steps work best for you… Get a mentor/coach

  • What are your setbacks?

  • Learn that reflection and writing will help you accomplish what you put your mind to

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I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and also a mentor and certified counselor for Women of Domestic Violence, although I’ve done work on my own healing evidently there were still some areas of my life I had not dealt with. Michelle Jewsbury helped through more healing steps through her programs she offers online. Michelle gently guided me and walked me through the steps I needed. I’m so thankful and would highly recommend her programs to any women seeking assistance with Domestic Violence matters.

~ Martha Lazo-Munoz, CEO/Fonder Women’s Legacy of Hope

 “Due to the nature of our services, names of individuals may have been changed

o protect the safety of our clients and protect their personal stories.”

Michelle Jewsbury is an international philanthropist, speaker and author who has traveled the world as an advocate for the less fortunate.


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