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Imagine a world where YOU have peace of mind, where you live without fear from your past or fear about your future.

  • Identify different types of trauma

  • Notice blind spots

  • Comprehend the obstacles you are facing

  • Elevate Your Perspective

  • Discover the value of empathy

  • Understand what works for you

  • Get a clear view of where you’re going & why

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"Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don't fight them. Just fina a new way to stand" ~Oprah
Module1-Overcoming Obstacles

Module 1 - Overcoming Obstacles

Understand what you're going through and what you need to conquer.

  • What barriers do you need to conquer?

  • What perspectives do you need to elevate?

  • What is trauma to you?


Module 2 - Obstacles

Uncover the obstacles you’re facing.

  • What is stream of Consciousness writing?

  • Why mindful meditation can help understand your obstacles

  • Do not make yourself wrong


Module 3 - Empathy

Discover the value of Empathy.

  • What does empathy mean to you?

  • What is compassion?

  • Can you put yourself in others shoes?

Module4-Things That Work & Don't Work

Module 4 - Things That Work & Don't Work

Understand what works and doesn’t for you.

  • What do you do when things don’t go the way you want or expect?

  • What is your current de-stress action?

  • What is the impact of that action on yourself and others?


Module 5 - Mindset

Create a clear view of where you’re going and why.

  • What do you think about daily?

  • Where do you see yourself in 30 days?

  • How the use of words and subliminal messaging can shape your personal and business life


Module 6 - Attitude

Become aware and learn that your attitude is based on your ability to control your feelings/emotions.

  • Learn to listen and not speak’

  • Identify triggers from others words

  • how expressing your emotions through writing can help

Module7-Recognizing Blindspots

Module 7 - Recognizing Blindspots

Recognize blind spots and see them through someone else’s eyes.

  • Interview a friend or family member to learn some blind spots

  • Reflect on their answers

  • Identify your blind spots and implement strategies for change

Module8-Underlying Truth

Module 8 - Underlying Truth

 Identify different types of trauma

  • Learn your ACE score

  • What are your coping mechanisms?

  • You receive a complimentary strategy session with our team to help identify and overcome your personal trauma

Module9-Your Experiences

Module 9 - Your Experiences

Realize what you have experienced has affected your life.

  • What has happened as an adolescent has impacted you

  • Where does your life look now?

  • Identify ways to create even more success for your future self

Module10-Now is the Time to Act

Module 10 - Now is the Time to Act


  • Learn to identify your thinking patterns

  • Feel in order to heal by expressing yourself

  • Learn an action step each week to propel you to the results you want to achieve

Hello, I'm Michelle

Michelle Jewsbury is an international philanthropist, speaker and author who has traveled the world as an advocate for the less fortunate.

Her desire to help victims of domestic abuse is from her own personal experience that she shares in her best selling book "But I love Him". But I Love Him is a painful yet inspirational true story of a strong, independent woman caught in the horrifying cycle of domestic violence and how she got out.

Michelle Jewsbury


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